All We Leave Behind

by The Fateful Hour

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-Mikkel- Stumbled upon this randomly, so I thought, why not give it a listen? So I did, and immediately fell in love with this record.
This band really nail the mix of Progressive Metal and Melodic Doom Metal, There's simply no tracks I didn't enjoy.
So if you have $10 spare, i would recommend to buy their CD to support the band.

-Support from Denmark Favorite track: A Forgotten Existence.
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released July 10, 2015

All We Leave Behind is...

Ben Fortier - Vocals, Guitar
Zach Vezina - Vocals, Keyboards
Brandon Green - Guitar
Bliss Clemmer - Bass
Jon Vieira - Drums

All music written by The Fateful Hour
Lyrics on Tracks 1 - 6 by Fortier and Vezina
Lyrics on Track 7 by Vezina
Additional writing credit to Tim Cabral on Tracks 2 & 3
Tracks 2, 4, 5, & 6 based upon compositions by Benjamin Fortier

Drums recorded at The Recording Co (Boston, MA) with Audio Engineer Kenny Goshgarian and assistance by Ryan O’John & Dan Gonzalez

Audio Engineering (recording, mixing, & mastering) by Kenny Goshgarian at Nightfall Studios (Canton, MA)

Production by The Fateful Hour & Kenny Goshgarian

Photography by Benjamin Fortier

Album artwork and design by Bliss Clemmer



all rights reserved


The Fateful Hour Massachusetts

Progressive, melancholic, and existential; The Fateful Hour approach the doom metal genre inspired by intense personal experience and introspection.

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Track Name: The Face of Transcendence
Are these words truly real?
Spoken as whispers, heard as shouts
Am I shattered without you?
Am I clouded by doubt?
Through the echoes of my soul
Thoughts of anguish, fear unknown
Am I fragile without you?
Now I’m anxious again
My mind conjures thoughts of damnation
So hard to find some peace

Beneath sorrow is hope
Release disgrace inside
I fell behind the race of life
And with you here, I can catch up again

There's comfort in this place
With you by my side, there is promise
A shimmering path to the exit
So long as we can hold onto this
A midst this storm, Share your strength
A turbulent stasis
This is the face of transcendence
I fear what I'll leave behind
Will be devoured by the chaos of time

Don't stray too far
Can't stand to think what I'd do without you
Beneath sorrow is hope
What good will I be?
Release disgrace inside
What will become of me?
I fell behind the race of life
And with you here, I won’t give up until the end

I will cherish your existence
I will never forget your pain
Embrace this transition
And become what you have always dreamed
Track Name: A Forgotten Existence
Time is drifting by
Life’s great mystery is blind
We’ll never know
Tyrants hold their grasp
Existence will never truly last
Fictional flow
I’m falling below
Crawling, dying it’s the last time
I’ll cry for help
Just like summers end
The leaves they fall, wither, and die
This is where it began

Searing sun will blind our eyes
Sparkling stigma in a flash of light
Pale remembrance of our genesis
Who is this stranger so vaguely familiar
A specter of my past self, illusions from another life
Behind shadows
Inside this room
Suppressed gallows
The mind consumes
Alone I die, alone I die, alone I die

Devoid of consciousness
Enthralled by emptiness so vast
We are waiting to pass
dreams I’ve had are drifting aside
A vague glimpse of the soul

A burning wildfire grows on the horizon
We must turn our back on tragedy
And embrace the wings of change

Behind shadows
Inside this room
Suppressed gallows
The mind consumes
Alone I die, alone I die, alone I die
Tragedy consumes, comprehension abhorred
Perception twists a temporary form of being
Alone we wait in this ever growing black
Where are we going? An agenda unannounced
Will we awake to meet the dreamers?
The makers of our consciousness

This is unstoppable, relentless
I question our existence
This is who I am? Is this what we are?
Intentionally accidental?

On this island in the cosmos
We await our final form
Primordial destination
Evolution is reborn
I sense the unknown
And it feels like home

The gardens of rejuvenation
Hide the pains of devastation
Alone we travel in a sea of dreams
And consume a tragic nostalgia
Track Name: What Remains Unseen
Through this great reach, inside a storm
Chaos consumes my internal war
And life’s beauty, forever destroyed
Like flowers that wither, expression has slipped away
Has slipped away...

Why should we commit to a perfect life?
Show me how that could be
And make this all worth while
We are just a tear in the fabric of time
So why do we endure and suffer through all these trials?

Chaos consumes this ever shifting world
All things beautiful are bound to be destroyed
Why should we commit to a perfect life?
Show me how that could be
Make this all worth while
We are just a tear in the fabric of time
So why do we endure and suffer through all these trials?
And suffer through all these trials
We are suffering

The great lengths we go to discover the truth
We lose ourselves in seeking permission
Comfort of endless knowledge
We can't be trusted with
The wind moves us in silence
We flow with its violence

Tenderly we reveal
Throes in which we conceal
Agony, punishing
Desperate thoughts remain unseen

We are slaves to our guilt
We reveal against our will
We conceal our true self
Agony, sacrifice
Remains unseen
We are slaves...
Track Name: September 4th
Outside this place is a home
And it seems so far away
Though I wish to return
A part of me wants to stay
Forging a war torn path
Hidden away from the light of day

We've gone too far to disappear
From the hearts of our home
My final breath is almost near
We must keep pushing on
I cannot die
A gripping, crushing fear
I will not die
Is tearing me apart

Will anyone see what we've done?
Does it really even matter?
(I hope we make it out alive)

I cannot die
The clarity of my mind
I will not die
Separates me from my heart

Singeing the last shred of innocence
I thought would still remain
An essence of our mortality
Left behind on this campaign
Within our hearts has a place
The dogs of war reside

I cannot die
Within our hearts
I will not die
The will to survive

Death comes in a brilliant flash
The volley explodes to my right
Tearing flesh through to bones
On this September night

Charred flesh, mangled limbs
The cries of broken men
Inside our hearts
A frozen place
Inside our hearts
The dogs of war reside
Inside our hearts, the dogs of war
Track Name: The Sunset Which Consumed Me
We are committed to the unwavering comfort of all things constant
A futile dream, a fleeting conscience

Forgive me, I blamed you
For all the pain that still resides
Confounding discomfort, so I stayed away
As time goes, I crumble
My bones are buried in these sands
I’m broken, I’m bleeding
From these scars and all the lies I’ve said

The shadows
Rise around me
That sinking sensation
Is coming back again

Drifting away, been feeling that I’m floating
Dreaming away knowing this old soul is gone
I want to blame the morning for decisions that I’ve maken
I wait here, still in mourning contemplating choices still to come
For too long
I stayed away
Avoiding the glare of the watchers

Among the silence
The sunset
The World

Breaking again, been thinking that I’d become
Buried again seeing this old soul is torn
Finding strength in shattered remains
These dreadful moments bring experience and wisdom is gained
I need to change before the sunrise
I hide behind a false facade

Pushing backwards against the tide
Resistance is growing across the wind
Falling, fading beneath the rocks
Spirits are burning beside the sun
Now, this is a silent time
Among the sunset, deep in reflection

I won’t follow mistakes, repeating the sins I’ve done
I’ll be a beacon of hope this time
Reflecting to fading skies
I see my fate, the sunset that consumes me
Track Name: Our Empty Home, Gutted by the Flames
That feeling of overwhelming fear
A coma like stasis devouring me
Irrational thoughts start to permeate
I am destroying myself

Entering a dark world
I see life defeated
Don't recognize myself anymore
Sinking, discouraged

My friends turn their heads
To see a familiar face
Will they turn away?
I hold my breath and wait
Trembling with unshakable fear
Embracing a new form

This desolate place
Can't be mine
I smash the mirrors
Can't stand my sight
And to the ones
That have been broken
Find compassion
You’re not outnumbered

(Something Terrible)
It's not easy to forget
A day of tragic assemblance
The smells, the taste
Too bad our memories can’t be replaced

We seem alone, but not for long
(Are we dreaming this
Subjective state of perception)
We seem so alone, but not for long
(Can we reach out and receive
Make contact with what’s beyond)

Worthless, vacant
Empty, transparent

I taste the burning ash
Hot death upon my breath
These widowed thoughts, lost minute
I rush around my mind
But I am standing still
Panic and confusion, typhlotic
Bow down to the shame I feel that’s living upon my face
Shattered windows in the halls
I can feel the emptiness upon this home

Away from the poison
Track Name: Resonance
I open the door
Smokes in the air
Where a flame has gone
Lost extinguished love
I try to retain
All my dignity
But my knees give way
Through my veins
I fall to the floor
The guilt is here once more
Through the years amassed
Time has never passed

My eyes are alive
A river to my soul
In my confusion, I'm awake
I'm painting all the lines
I sense your resonance
I feel it in my hands
But it slips away
Like a dream
These thoughts i can't control

I’m deep in a daze
Am i alive?
Is my soul awake?
I look into my eyes
I see you hiding there
You haven't left my soul
You're a part of me
Won't let you go
Let you go

Fear is the truth you must all feel, Calling us
We are blaming our life, Down Inside
Bow down, its okay, feel the air now, calming
Dear one you and I are kismet, and beyond
Pulses dancing with the worlds , truth begins
Feeling the earth, the suns up high in the heavens reign
Again shadows fall

I will be there
You haven't lost me and you'll never
Forms are endless
Spirits remain in the circle
For you will see
This universe never stays... still...